What plugs are used in morocco

Travelling to Morocco, you may be wonder what plugs do they use in Morocco?

Simply they use a type C or type E plug, commonly know as a 2 pin plug.

The electricity voltage used in homes is 220 volts and is stable like in most developed countries.

Do European Plugs work in Morocco?

Yes, you can definitely use Euorpean plugs in Morocco. The voltage provide is between 100V-240V which is widely the type of voltage that you will find throughout Europe.

You can also use a simple adapter if your appliances are not having a 2 ping plug. Very simple to set up and obtain, most airports have them or you can even buy one locally whilst in Morocco.

What kind of adapter do i need for Morocco?

I would recommend you either buy a travel adapter that has a multitude of plugs and in particular, a 2 pin plug most airports have them.

Ive arrived in Morocco also and bought one at the airport or if you want o save some money, buy one from the local electrical shop in the town you will be staying in or from the bigger super markets.

If you are staying at a hotel, most of the hotels usually provide one or will rent one to you for a daily fee.

Do Uk plugs work in Morocco?

UK plugs also work in Morocco, all my devices are on a UK plug set up and again using a simple adapter, i have had no issues using my devices and applicances by this method.

The eletrcity being provided in Morocco is very stable and ive never experience a power surge.

How do i charge my iphone in Morocco?

Just make sure you have an adapter that is compatiable with your plug ie US iphone adapters are differ to UK iphone adapters as they have different plugs.

You can then get a 2 pin plug adapter either from your home town prior to travel or at the airport or when you get to Morocco as outlined about.

Dont stress, there are plenty of helpful people in Morocco that will guide you to a local shop if you need an adapter, they are widely available and ive never had any issues trying to find one.

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