What is the highest mountain in morocco

What is the highest mountain in Morocco? Located in the Atlas Mountains over southwest Morocco lies Mount Toubkal which is the highest mountain in the country, and stands at a magnificent 4,167 metres tall.

Mount Toubkal is the tallest mountain in Morocco, North Africa and indeed the Arab world.

Most visitors wishing to climb Mount Toubkal tend to base themselves in Marrakech, as it is approximately 63km from the mountain.

Toubkal can be approached from Imlil, a village close by and from where you can find a guide quite easily to help with planning your hike.

Mount Toubkal is made up from many volcanic rocks which have been weathered overtime and compressed into peaks and valleys.

On one side of the mountain it drops quite significantly down to 1,800 meters at which you can find a lake by the name of Lac d’lfni.

Many hikers and mountaineers have visited and climbed Toubkal and continue to do so over the years.

Combining a visit or holiday to the wonderful country of Morocco as well as hiking can be a wonderful and unqiue experience that cannot be found in other parts of the world.

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The country in itself is rich with history and culture and each city i have ever visited has been different to the next.

One thing that is common though is the people are genuine and wonderful hosts and will always help you should you ever need it.

Spending time in and around the Atlas mountains is very peaceful and you will see plenty of wildlife along the way. In the winter, one can ski or snowboard which is also a popular sport for people visiting Morocco.

If you’d like to visit Mount Toubkal, you can do so easily and hire yourself a guide, the route will start with an easy paced walk to the village of Aroumd.

As you pass around what is known as a floodplain the route then follows the left slope of the valley southwards.

Further then the valley bends and veers off to the east into a small settlement known as Sidi Chamharouch, which has grown around a Muslim shrine.

At Sidi Chamharouch, the path leads over the stream and runs steeply uphill to the right side of the Isougouane valley, which leads to two stone-built refuges (old Neltner Refuge and new Refuge du Toubkal) that are often used as base camp at 3,207 m (10,522 ft).

It is possible to buy good meals in the Refuge du Toubkal. Tents can be pitched near the refuges for a small charge

I highly recommend a trip to see Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain in Morocco and im sure you will enjoy spending time visiting in and around the local areas to.

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