What do they speak in morocco

In Morocco, the main languages spoken are Arabic, French and English.

There are 2 types of Arabic that are used in Morocco, standard Arabic and Tamazight.

Moroccan Arabic otherwise know as Darija is the spoken Arabic most Moroccans use.

The second and most used language is French which is also taught in schools as a second language.

Schools are starting to adapt to also providing English as a third language taught on in the curriculum.

What language is mostly spoken in Morocco?

The main language is Arabic , followed by French and then English.

English is beocming more common as the years go by and due to the amount of tourists interacting with Moroccans in the souqs. I have travelled to Morocco many times and spend my summers there and i find many people speak some level of the English language, some even better than me haha!

Why do they speak French in Morocco?

In 1912, France occupied Morocco in order to privide protection t the country. This occupation went on from 1912 until 1955 when Morocco took back its independence.

This is the main reason why they speak French in Morocco due to the fact that there was a large number of French in Morocco and the language rolled out to be studied by the people of Morocco.

This was then passed on over generations and continues to be studied in the schools there today.

Do they speak English in Morocco?

Yes, in Morocco they do speak English. It’s not as common as French however many people in Morocco speak basic to intermediate levels of English.

Especially in the markets or “souks” you will find people speaking basic to intermediate English which is handy if you don’t speak French or Arabic.

Ive never found any difficulty in communicating in English if i need basic things. If i was required to complete any paperwork or legal documents then they will always be translated into Arabic.

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