Are Morocco beaches nice

If you are planning a visit to Morocco you may be wondering are the Morocco beaches nice?

The simple answer is yes the beaches are very nice and there are plenty scattered throughout Morocco.

In the North you have the best of both words as on one side of the city of Tangier you have the Mediteranean sea and on the other side the Atlantic.

The Atlantic ocean runs all the way from the north of Morocco to the South which is many thousands of kilometeres long and its practically all coast line with endless beaches.

Surfing in Morocco, as well as watersports, are very popular especially with Europeans who all come into Morocco for the summers. The chilled environment and natural coastlines are really nice and its a great place to spend time and just forget about the world.

Morocco best beaches i recommend you visit:

1. Las Cuevas Beach, Asilah

This wonderful and idyllic beach is located approximately 6 KM’s south of Asilah, and old fortified town.

Las Cuevas Beach is situated at the bottom of the cliffs that provide it protection. The route down to the beach is a bit tricky but if you have an off road car or use one of the local services such as a horse and cart you can get down there no problems. As its harder to reach its less frequented so worth the trip down to have a bit of seclusion from others!

Down on the shoreline and beach are some very nice rustic beach style restaurants where you can easily get fresh fish grilled and plenty of other options from burgers and grills fresh salads. The food in general in Morocco is always delicious and cooked with nice herbs and spices.

There are sun loungers down there that you can rent for a small fee and in the summer it tends to get busier as many people head to the beaches in summer to relax with family and friends.

2. Agadir Beach

Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the magnificent Atlas mountains, Agadir Beach is a super busy and vibrant Berber city. Famous for being blessed by glorious sunshine all year round, the beach’s undulating sand dunes roll out of the barrenness of the Sahara desert into the calm of the sea.

Agadir beach with its mild climate allows you to pretty much swim all year round. A favorite for kayakers, surfers and windsurfers, its a great place to just hang out and people watch.

In the past it was a little fishing town but has transformed into a super bustling and buzzing resort city.

Featuring a lovely boulevard consisting of nice food and beverage outlets and children play areas its a great place to visit for all families in Morocco.

3. Essaouira Beach

The ancient and historic city of Essaouira was once a trendy destination on in the 1960’s.

Currently, Essaouira has become an influential port city, attracting tourists with its stylish beachfront.

Essaouira beach continues to be an awesomely cool and hip place to hang out and has plenty of epic dining options.

Whether you are into just sitting on the beach and dining or in one of the many restaurants that serve delicious food, Essaouria is a wonderful place and must to visit in Morocco.

This beach is super popular with windsurfers due to the vast amount of wind that passes through coming off the Atlantic and has become known as the windy city in Morocco.

4. Taghazout

This quaint and small traditional fishing village is known as Tazaghout. Over the past 2-3 years, it is rapidly becoming a popular tourist destination with many major hotel companies moving in and developing hotels.

Many backpackers and surfers frequent this resort town but as mentioned above its starting also to develop its more high-end tourist following with the growth in 5 star hotels from the likes of Hilton and Hyatt.

The beach is quite rocky around the perimeter but soon rolls down onto golden sands and you can easily find a place to sit on one of the many sun loungers that you can rent for a small fee.

Its an awesome place to relax and unwind and listen to the rolling waves as they come crashing into the beach.

Like many of the beaches in Morocco, the surrounding nature is a wonderful place also for Yoga.

5. Oualidia Lagoon

This hidden little gem is one of my favorite places to visit. Its actually not to far from where i live in El Jadida.

Its not so well know but international tourists but definitely well known by the locals!

Oualidia Lagoon is a wonderful little village with beautiful beach. About an hour and 20 minutes from Casablanca, Oualidia’s has a natural coastline and features this amazing and wonderful lagoon which is fed from the Atlantic ocean. There are a few sandlike dune rocks that have formed a gate passing that allows the ocean to seep through and feed the lagoon. Its actually quite a sigh and there are plenty of lovely little cafes and places to eat around or simply take a stroll along the promenade.

Around the town it feels almost lost in time but i like this about Morocco, it’s just got an amazing unique charisma that leaves you to expect the unexpected.


There are literally so many beaches in Morocco and i would go as far as saying all of them are amazing. Remember the Atlantic coast runs down a major part of the landmass in Morocco and the northern tip has the Mediterranean sea running around it.

Enjoy your travels and enjoy Morocco!

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